About us

Brief Summary

Crowd Ignite is an audience marketing platform. We help websites get more traffic by showing their content on other relevant sites and in exchange they show that other content on their site. We provide a widget which takes care of all the work.

In addition, we are able to send back more traffic then is sent. The minimum is 150%, but it can go considerably higher (average across Crowd Ignite is around 250%).

Our Goal

We have two goals here at Crowd Ignite:

  1. Help website visitors find great content that they’re interested in
  2. Get more traffic to quality publishers

Finding Great Content for Website Visitors

We do behavioral targeting of visitors based on what other visitors have done in the past. By doing this, we are able to show content which they actually care about and what they want to read. This causes them to be more engaged than the average web surfer.

Get More Traffic to Quality Publishers

There is a lot of great content out there, and our mission is to get visitors to see that content. If your site has great content, we want to get you exposure and will get you more traffic.

Built With

Crowd Ignite uses several excellent technologies:

XtraDB: Faster than the stock InnoDB.

Memcached: We’re addicted to caching.

nginx: It’s the only way to handle thousands of impressions per second.